FOIA Request to U.S. NHTSA


FOIA Request to U.S. NHTSA


Dear FOIA Officers

Good morning.

This is a freedom of information act request.

The Items I am seeking is all the records of accident fatality rate and numbers of the car driver and passengers sorted out by the agency since 2010 to 2014 in United States on following criteria.

(1) Car Model ( i.e. Lexus )

(2) Car Maker (i.e. Honda, Hyundai )

I am a news media representative and the documents which would be obtained shall be used only for reporting. And your response to this request and the story based on that gives public the proper data for choosing the cars.

My article is expected to be released both in English and Japanese via website, so speakers of both languages could have an access.

Therefore, I request a full fee waiver and expedite processing. However I agree to pay the fee unto 25 dollars.

Warmest Regards,

Takanori Eto